Assisted Living Suites

At Riverside Manor Retirement Village, the wellbeing of residents is of the utmost importance. Our Health Care Centre offers 26 assisted living suites.

Each Assisted Living Suite comprises a spacious bedroom, bathroom en suite, kitchenette as well as a lounge/dining area. Residents furnish their own Assisted Living Suite in order to create their own personal home environment.

The Assisted Living Suites are suitable for residents who are not in the best of health, who are suffering from minor ailments or just merely require a little assistance in their daily routine. Care is offered on a number of levels by the nurses based at the nurses’ station in the centre.

Each suite is fitted with a personal emergency response button which ensures a speedy response to any emergency. Meals are available to residents either in their rooms or in the diningroom.

Living in an Assisted Living Suite is designed to provide peace of mind for residents and their families, while still allowing privacy and independence for those living in the Health Care Centre.

Assisted Living Suites Details

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Type 3A: Type 3B:
Total Room Area: 34.18sqm Total Room Area: 32.88sqm
Total Suite Area: 35.15sqm Total Suite Area: 33.58sqm

Type 3C: Type 3D:
Total Room Area: 35.46sqm Total Room Area: 33.42sqm
Total Suite Area: 36.42sqm Total Suite Area: 34.38sqm

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