About the Operator

A ‘must’ for any Retirement Village is mutual respect, trust and a clear understanding of the role to be played out between the “Operator” and the Villagers.

To achieve this, the Relationship Agreement must be negotiated up front.

At Riverside Manor, Tophill Properties was appointed in this way by the villagers themselves, by mutual negotiation.

This happened in 2009, and in the years since, the co-operation between the Trustees, the Village management team and the Operator has ensured that Riverside Manor Lifestyle Estate has developed into a ‘happy’ village and one that has become one of the most sought after Villages for the over 55’s in Johannesburg.

Through the Village Trustees of their own Management Association, the villagers run their own affairs, but the role of the Operator is a necessary and vital one.

The Operator provides expertise and continuity to the successful integrated operation and management of the entire Village, by providing the following services:

  • Collection of monthly levies
  • Stabilising these levies by fixing the annual increase
  • Arranging and maintaining the insurances for the entire village
  • Providing bookkeeping records, books of accounts and auditing services
  • Providing budgets ahead of time to properly manage the financial affairs
  • Managing all aspects of the re-sale procedure of the units
  • Sale and operation of the 26 Assisted Living Suites
  • Operation of the 18 Frail Care Units
  • Operation of the kitchen and restaurant
  • And so much more


The Vision of the Operator is to run a village to the highest levels of quality, so as to provide an environment for the villagers filled with comfort and happiness.

Eliminating as far as possible the financial unknowns of the future and

Where as many of the ‘hum drum’ things of life are carried out by someone else!

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